How Has Modern Technology Changed The Online Visa Application?

 Travelers do not have to go through hard times making online visa applications thanks to the improvement of the upcoming new technology.  Visa applicants do not have to go through hectic times applying for their visas.  Read on and learn the methods with which advanced technology has changed the online visa application. 

Previously, visa application was made physically in some brick and mortar centers regarded as visa processing offices.  But it was a process that would hamper individuals travels, and it was also overwhelming.  However then online visa application was introduced, people can now apply for visa application services in the online platforms.   Now it is possible to apply for a visa and send it online and receive speedy and constant responses and notifications on the status of their applications online.   When you use online visa application service you reduce the time you would spend in the past by over half. People now have the choice of receiving alerts directly on their emails or phones at an extra fee. 

 Through the electronic document management service, visa applicants can scan and submit the required documentation for an online visa for online applications. The applicants get to know the needed documents that will help in the application process, but he is saved from going to the visa application office carrying of his original documents.  An individual has to have his original documents certified and scanned in line with the visa application services.  After scanning the certified documents, they should be stored electronically with the application so that if they are needed it is easy to refer to them.  This will assist ESTA visa applicants making multiple visa applications or passport renewal shortly.
 Attestation of documents is where copies of original documents are established through any institute or internationally approved agency that they are actual copies of the original documents.  During this process, the attested copy documents are used for the online visa applications and the original ones stored. The reason for this is because the online visa application is grueling and long and all documents must be rechecked and reviewed. The documents are likely to get damaged in the process.  Therefore to ensure the documents remain protected, the document certification is done so that the visa process is done using the confirmed copy. 

During the online ESTA application, you may be required to send your biometric data.  In this you must scan your biometrics such as your retina and fingerprints and submit to them. Because no biometric is the same to the other, this process reduces any possibility of identity theft or fraud using the data.This video has more on visa application process: